About the Open Secrets

Formed in 2012, the Open Secrets play a brand of Americana that combines the best of modern country and old-time mountain music, with an emotional intensity that is all their own. If you are looking for reference points you could do worse than triangulate The Old Crow Medicine Show, Gillian Welch and Dylan.

The band bring the dustbowl tradition into the 21st Century. Their songs are populated by  drunks, losers and drifters. But every once in a while love wins out and the guy gets the gal.

​The Open Secrets take their name from the collection of short stories of the same name by Canadian writer Alice Munro.

  • Steve Page – vocals, guitar, harmonica and banjo

  • Chris Gamble – violin, keyboards

  • Jake Peggs – drums, vocals

  • Phil Amor - Bass, vocals

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Chris Gamble