Why Tangled up in Dylan?


On my 17th birthday I treated myself to Bob Dylan’s newly released Blood on the Tracks. I didn’t know it then, but this album set me on a road that I am still travelling down today as a musician and songwriter. In my opinion Blood on the Tracks is the greatest of Dylan’s albums. In fact - from the storytelling of Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts and Simple Twist of Fate, to the vitriolic bitterness of Idiot Wind and on to the pathos You’re a Big Girl Now - I think it is the greatest album ever. I’m not the only member of the Open Secrets who holds this to be true.


Blood on the Tracks may or may not be the greatest of Dylan’s albums but it is far from being the only source of his great material. We have had the pleasure of revisiting the youthful idealism of Blowing in the Wind and nonsensical joie de vivre of You Ain’t Going Nowhere and the rest of the Basement Tapes. Dylan’s country album Nashville Skyline was an obvious stopping off point for a self-respecting Americana band with a penchant for country. Forever Young, I Shall Be Released, Rainy Day Woman … the list is all but endless. 


Dylan is prolific. He has written his share of poor material over five decades, for sure, but we know we will never run out of songs to interpret and perform


The challenge and the pleasure of “Tangled up in Dylan” has been interpret in our own style a small fraction of Dylan’s back catalogue and in the process, we hope, contribute something to this unique body of work.


Steve Page, the Open Secrets

1 September 2104


Tangled up in Dylan


The Open Secrets write and perform some of the best Americana being performed in the UK today and have been compared to the likes of the Old Crow Medicine Show. Now they will be playing the songs of the world’s greatest living songwriter in their own unique style. 


The band  prides itself on performing original material in the Americana tradition. But over several months the idea took hold of taking time out to develop a project interpreting and performing Dylan’s material.  Whilst  keen to play tribute to Dylan this is not the Open Secrets as tribute act. 

You Ain't Going Nowhere

I Shall Be Released

Knocking On Heaven's Door

Lay Lady Lay

Girl from the North Country

"Tangled up in Dylan" live

We are playing  three "Tangled Up In Dylan",  May 2016:


- 7 May, the Dance Centre Abergavenny

- 19 May, the Grain Barge, Bristol

- 21 May, Under the Edge Arts, Wotton-Under-Edge.


To book additional "Tangled Up In Dylan" dates email: alt.opensecrets@gmail.com

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